Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight 9525


What happened to Germanwings Flight 9525? According to reports the co-pilot of the airplane carrying 150 people purposely crashed the airplane deep into the French Alps.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa and the grave news brought the CEO of the company to a complete shock. Carsten Sophr said that what the co-pilot did with Germanwings Flight 9525 left them all speechless.

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the aircraft is a 27 year old German national. According to a prosecutor, the co-pilot apparently was targeting to annihilate the aircraft.

Investigators are still investigating if Lubitz has planned his actions for some time. What was apparent was that he took advantage and saw a perfect moment of crashing the plane when the pilot left the cockpit. It was then that he activated the descent. Such activation can only be made deliberately.

The data gathered from the transponder showed that the autopilot on Flight 9525 was intentionally reprogrammed by someone accessing the cockpit. The new data programmed the plane’s altitude from the normal 38,000 feet to an unforgiving 100 feet. This data was made public by Flightradar24, expert tracker of aviation data.

Five investigators are currently searching the apartment of Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in order to shed light on what could have been the motive of the 27 year old in bringing the plane down. The police are desperately looking for clues in his apartment. French investigators enlisted the help of the FBI in digging up clues as to why Lubitz crashed the plane.

Last Thursday, details on the crash were released and it further supported the theory that someone indeed set the plane on a crash.

Furthermore, transponder data revealed that there were horrific sounds recorded from the vessels’ cockpit. It was evident from the sound recording that the captain was locked out from the cockpit area. Several banging from the door could be heard. In the final minutes of the plane’s descent, screaming could be heard on the sound recorder. Plane crash experts said that those on board had zero chances of making it out alive when the plane crashed. Death was instant for the passengers and crew.

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Bitcoin’s Block Size Should Not Be Increased

Bitcoin’s Block Size Should Not Be Increased

Despite the fact that the bitcoin is doing well in the market, many of the people in the media believed that the currency is now in the middle of a civil war. For those that are not updated regarding the specifics in the bitcoin network, the protocol that guards the bitcoin has a built-in limit which means that every transaction data must only be consists of 1 MB. This is the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted in every block of transactions. One block of transaction is said to be accomplished for every ten minutes. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the bitcoin, is the one who put into place the limit on the blocksize. This is to make sure that there will be no denial-of-service attack that will occur inside the network.

According to the latest article that was written by Roger Ver, more commonly known as the “Bitcoin Jesus” in the Foundation for Economic Education, he is in favor of the proposal to increase the blocksize limit. It is understandable why many are in favor of raising the size of the block transactions – in order for them to perform more transactions inside the blockchain. It might sound as simple as that and those that are opposing such propositions might be viewed as a group of people who does not want bitcoin to succeed.

Despite the fact that many are in favor of raising the block size, the bitcoin developers are still the ones that know better. These developers are consists of cryptographers and programmers who are experts into their field. Since they are in the field of digital currency, they surely are knowledgeable when it comes to economics. They have already dedicated many years in studying source codes and creating new features as well as taking into consideration the economic effect. This group knows better than to raise the blocksize. The safest way to keep the network stable is to maintain the block size which is currently at 1MB. This is to make sure that the bitcoin will remain accessible for individuals as well as mining pools.

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Mobile App Providing Aid To Fishermen

FFMA or Fisher Friend Mobile Application

According to K Anjaapuli, a 50 year-old resident of Bengaluru, he has been a fisherman for around 35 years and his route is along the Puducherry coast. He revealed that he relies on an Android app before setting out to see with his boat.

Anjaapuli shared that during the 2004 incident of tsunami, he was only able to get a tenth of his usual catch before the incident happens. After the tsunami was long over, the movement of the fish was never the same again and became unpredictable. These days, he admitted that he is able to know where the fishes are because of the help of an app called FFMA or Fisher Friend Mobile Application. The mobile app does not only give the exact location where the shoals of fish can be found but it also provides real time information regarding the wave length as well as the speed of the wind.

The app was developed by MSSRF or MS Swaminathan Research Foundation together with TCS and Qualcomm. It was launched last 2013 and is not being used by almost 10,00 fishermen families located in various area including Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The location of the fishing shoals are updated every 24 hours. Furthermore, there are also markings in the app that indicates danger zones such as coral reefs and locations of ship wreckages. Information such as the height of the wave and the speed of the wind are updated every 6 hours.

According to fishermen, the app has helped increase their catch and in return they have more income. K Alex, a fisherman that is based in Chennai, revealed that he was able to catch six to ten tones of tuna before but with the help of the mobile app, he is now able to gather around 20 tones every time he set out to sea.

Apps such as these and mobile app development in Singapore and other countries aim to help people with their daily lives. The fishermen were also able to spend less time in travelling therefore spending less amount of money with the help of the app.


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Tiny Homes Are Trending In Colorado Springs

tiny homes

Will Colorado Springs become the Tiny Housing Capital of the US or is this just a passing trend? The market for tiny homes in Colorado Springs is getting bigger and so with the demand for tiny home builders. Compared to the same month a year ago, building permits for single family homes in the El Paso County increased by almost 28% with 1,497 home sales recorded for just a single month. Sadly, as the demand increases, the prices of homes have also gone up.

According to the Pipes Peak Realtors Association, last May the median price of a single-family home in Colorado Springs was $262,000 which is way too much for young couples and those starting with a job. Since the finances do not allow these people to own single-family homes in a place like Colorado Springs where real estate has literally become expensive, their option is modern day tiny homes with less space but more quality.

However, even these tiny homes can get expensive if you have them customized. According to Tumbleweed, an average customized home sells for about $70,000 but the price goes higher when the client orders 30 feet of hardwood floor, luxury appliances and ceiling made from beetle kill pine. Tumbleweed Homes is the nation’s largest manufacturer of tiny homes with about 125 homes built in Colorado Springs within a year.

On the other hand, the builder of tiny homes has a lot of challenges to overcome because tiny homes are somewhat similar to mobile homes that municipalities don’t know how to classify them for zoning purposes. Builders hope that municipalities would accept the tiny homes as part of an affordable housing community

Another challenge faced is how to convince people that they can live happily in a house that measures 200 square feet and less. For some lifestyles tiny homes would definitely work but it is not suggested for everybody.

Remodeling homes in Colorado Springs offers its services to homeowners who would like to renovate their homes as well as individuals who are interested in customized homes. With 13 years’ experience in designing and remodeling, you are guaranteed that your project is in good hands.

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Find A Job With These Easy Job Search Tips

Find A Job With These Easy Job Search Tips

If you’re feeling like job searching efforts aren’t doing you any good, don’t you worry because job hunting is never easy unless you have great connections. Finding a job can be a slow journey but what matters is what you achieve in the end. All of your efforts aren’t just about finding a job. It’s all about getting a job which would then lead to security and stability.

So don’t be dismayed if you haven’t found the job you’ve been yearning for yet. Most applicants experience a number of rejections before they get hired. And before all that, they must first find the job opening to apply for. Job hunting is even made more difficult by the accessibility of free information online. With all of the free information you can get from the Internet along with all the job openings and employment opportunities being thrown in your face, it can all get very overwhelming.

Here are some searching tips that can help you find and land the right job for you.

  1. Always be prepared. You should prepare an ever-ready up-to-date resume that you can send whenever an opportunity arises. This applies to even when you’re not looking for work. This is important because opportunities are hard to come by and every opportunity you pass can be such a great loss. Create a separate email address that you will put in your resume so that you can stay organized.
  2. Learn to accept help. A little helping hand may just be the thing you need to get a job. Don’t be ashamed to ask your friends and relatives about job opportunities that they can help you about. Also, feel free to inexpensive job search services being offered in college career offices or even your state Department of Labour office. Remember, the best job openings may not always be advertised.
  3. Make use of job search engines. The best thing about the Internet is that it allows you to access job search engines and jobsites like which you can use to gain useful information about job openings, companies, and associations. You can even use the advanced search options to look for something more specific.
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Sales In Motorcycle Parts, Slow Yet Steady


Ray Smith who used to be a homebuilder more than 14 years ago, left his job and decided to start living his dream. He admitted that motorcycles have always been his passion and this is the reason why he opened his own shop, Cycle Stop. The independent business is located in South Hadley and sells everything related to motorcycles.

It was two years ago that his business undergone an expansion of another 13,000 square foot because there is no more room for his displays. He sells motorcycles that are pre-owned but with low mileage, parts, accessories and clothing. He also needed to have more space because he now has a service department.

Smith has been a witness on how small as well as large motorcycle shops and their franchises closed down within the last decade. On his part, his business is doing well and he shared his prediction of a good year for his business not just in the local market but in the entire industry.

Other dealers are also in agreement with Smith because while their growth is slow, it has remained steady over the past number of years. Majority of the dealers are expecting the trend to stay the same.

According to the sales and finance manager of Valley Motorsports which is located in Northampton, Glenn Morin, they are selling fun to customers and believed that they are on the right path. He also added that their business inventory have other things as well as such as adventure bikes, cruisers, touring bikes and sport bikes. Adventure bikes are now gaining more popularity because of its feature that is compatible in either on or off road.

He also revealed that the sales at Valley Motorsports have continued to increase by nine to ten per cent per year after the recession was over. The company’s goal for 2016 is to gain higher sales selling motorcycle parts than usual. The company is positive that they are going to achieve their target because they now have seven makes available, the economy is going back up and manufacturers are launching new as well as exciting motorcycle models.

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