Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight 9525


What happened to Germanwings Flight 9525? According to reports the co-pilot of the airplane carrying 150 people purposely crashed the airplane deep into the French Alps.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa and the grave news brought the CEO of the company to a complete shock. Carsten Sophr said that what the co-pilot did with Germanwings Flight 9525 left them all speechless.

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the aircraft is a 27 year old German national. According to a prosecutor, the co-pilot apparently was targeting to annihilate the aircraft.

Investigators are still investigating if Lubitz has planned his actions for some time. What was apparent was that he took advantage and saw a perfect moment of crashing the plane when the pilot left the cockpit. It was then that he activated the descent. Such activation can only be made deliberately.

The data gathered from the transponder showed that the autopilot on Flight 9525 was intentionally reprogrammed by someone accessing the cockpit. The new data programmed the plane’s altitude from the normal 38,000 feet to an unforgiving 100 feet. This data was made public by Flightradar24, expert tracker of aviation data.

Five investigators are currently searching the apartment of Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in order to shed light on what could have been the motive of the 27 year old in bringing the plane down. The police are desperately looking for clues in his apartment. French investigators enlisted the help of the FBI in digging up clues as to why Lubitz crashed the plane.

Last Thursday, details on the crash were released and it further supported the theory that someone indeed set the plane on a crash.

Furthermore, transponder data revealed that there were horrific sounds recorded from the vessels’ cockpit. It was evident from the sound recording that the captain was locked out from the cockpit area. Several banging from the door could be heard. In the final minutes of the plane’s descent, screaming could be heard on the sound recorder. Plane crash experts said that those on board had zero chances of making it out alive when the plane crashed. Death was instant for the passengers and crew.

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Want To Go On A Vacation? Here’s How You Can Save For One!

saving for vacation

There could only be two reasons as to why some people don’t want to go on vacations? Who would ever turn down an opportunity to relax and travel right? Well, there are actually people who can and will turn down such an opportunity because they don’t to spend time away from their precious work. These people fear that while they are away, their work would pile up and it would be even more stressful dealing with piled up work. However, there are also people who want to go on vacations but are unable to because of financial issues. If you’re part of the latter, you should know that your financial woes should not be a reason why you can’t have a well-earned vacation. The secret to that is through effective saving. Here’s how you can save for the vacation that you desire.

  1. Adjust your expenses. Do you frequent Starbucks for coffee? Do you always eat out at restaurants? Well, maybe it’s time to make a lifestyle change. One of the best ways you can save is by listing down all your expenses and make certain adjustments. For example, instead of eating at a restaurant or a food chain, why not buy ingredients from the supermarket instead and cook your own food? Instead of drinking coffee at Starbucks, why not make your own coffee? Once you’ve readjusted your expenses, even the littlest of things would matter.
  2. Open up a dedicated savings account. When you start saving for a vacation, the best thing to do is open up a savings account where you can put your saved money so you can avoid spending it.
  3. Or you can go for a change jar. Dedicate a jar where you can put all your spare change. You’d be surprised at the amount of changes you can change with a change jar.
  4. Look for an affordable accommodation. Whether you settle for a beach hotel in Krabi, Thailand or a resort somewhere in the Mediterranean, make sure that they offer you ample opportunities to save.
  5. Get everyone to save. If you’re planning to go on a vacation with your family then why not get everyone in the family to save? With team effort, you’d be able to go on that trip you are dreaming of.
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Want To Improve Your Interior Design Lighting? Follow These Essential Tips

Want To Improve Your Interior Design Lighting Follow These Essential Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you have just recently bought yourself a new home and want to improve or change the home’s interior design or you just want to change it for no other reason than for yourself, what matters are the benefits you will be getting when you improve your home’s interior design. When you give your interior design a little attention and some tweaking, you’d also be indirectly improving your own health, productivity and well-being. Aside from that, you would also be increasing the value of your home which can prove beneficial when the time comes you finally decide to sell the house.

One of the most important aspects of interior design is definitely the lighting. When you don’t utilize proper lighting in your interior design, you may not be able to properly showcase the beauty of the designs and in order to help you out with that, you can follow these essential tips to improving interior design lighting.

  1. AMBIENT LIGHTING. Ambient lighting is the most basic level of lighting in a room and has everything to do with ambiance. Here, you will be attaching lamps around the room or you could place one big lamp in the ceiling which will serve as the main lighting of the room. You may only need to use basic colour for this.
  2. TASK LIGHTING. Task lighting is what will support you during certain tasks such as reading, writing, cooking, sewing and these lighting could be in the form of adjustable floor lights, arm lamps and more.
  3. ACCENT LIGHTING. This lighting accentuates the focal point of the room and directs people of where to look at.
  4. DECORATIVE/FIXTURE LIGHTING. Part of the interior decoration is the decorative lighting and this would help enrich the looks while fixture lighting is aimed at giving your own personal touch and style to the design.
  5. LIGHTING ART. This is the final layer of lighting which features creative visual lighting and can even use LED lights. The objective for this is to dazzle and impress.

If you think you’d be unable to effectively improve on your interior design lighting, why not seek professional help from an interior design company in Bangkok?

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Montana Organizations Launch Two Interactive Online Maps


Interactive online maps were released by two separate Montana-based organizations in order to attract public interest and involvement with the environment in various ways. The first map was launched by Environment Montana in March to provide the public with information regarding different weather-related disasters nationwide from 2010. It chronicles tropical storms, droughts and wild fires including accounts from the local people regarding their experiences during the disasters.

The map called Extreme Weather Map recounted the events during the weather-related disasters from the asthmatic in Missoula who had trouble breathing during the wildfire season to the Hamilton resident whose home was evacuated due to a nearby forest fire. Central Colorado, Florida and the eastern seaboard were the source of the most extreme weather anecdotes. Upon the release of the Extreme Weather Map, Environment Montana immediately invoked a number of the most recent political developments which includes the implementation of Clean Power Plan to achieve continued progress towards clean energy.

The second map was released by non-profit Montana Wilderness Association and Montana Office of Tourism. The map offers a first-of-its-kind guide to statewide hiking trails with detailed descriptions and photographs. Nearly 200 Montana trials have been uploaded to the map that includes Missoula’s Waterworks’ Hill, Pengelly Ridge Trail and the nearby Ch-paa-qn Peak. Users of the online Montana map are encouraged to fill out trip reports and document their overall experiences so that fellow hikers will be updated on the trail conditions, road conditions and river crossings including the presence of bugs.

Online maps are something that Montana needed for a very long time because it is a valuable source of information for the locals and tourists alike. The maps have the potential to boost business for stores that rely on public lands and phenomenal hiking opportunities.

Map illustrations show scenes that can be viewed from high above. The aerial view focuses on the prominent parts of the landscape. The map can capture the beauty and interesting aspects of mountain trails, harbors full of boats, campuses, business facilities or towns to gain an emotional response from the viewer. The map illustrations are hand drawn and yet they are 100% digital.

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Red-Flags That Warn You When Looking For A Property Agent

A Real Estate Agent

Either buying or selling a house connects you with the world of property. Unfortunately, this industry is very complex and without professional help or prior experience, then you might find yourself lost and preyed upon by opportunists. With a property agent, however, they would be able to guide you through the property industry and offer you professional insight regarding the market. They would help you in making the right decisions and there is no doubt that with their help, the process of buying or selling a house would be much easier.

Unfortunately, with so many property agents today, it can be quite hard finding the right one. You must always go for an experienced and highly capable agent otherwise you’d only be opening yourself to further risks.

When out looking for property agents, here are some red flags that warn you not to hire a particular agent.

  1. He suggests you to put up the highest price for your house. When selling your home, you should get listing presentations from at least three agents who will compare your house to similar homes in the market and will tell you how long did it took for those homes to get sold. Since these agents will be looking at the same data, their suggested listing price should be close. But if you find yourself an agent that suggests the highest price for your home, don’t hire him. Every good agent would know that higher priced homes take longer to sell as buyers deem them too unrealistic.
  2. He does it as part time. You would want an industry expert to help you out, one who follows the market actively every day.
  3. He is your relative. Unless he is a full-time property agent that specializes in your neighborhood, don’t ask help from a relative.
  4. The agent does not specialize in your neighborhood or the neighborhood you plan to move in. Look for neighborhood experts because sometimes, moving a block could either lower or increase the value of a home.
  5. He is a poor negotiator. You would need an agent who can help you make and close a good deal and to do that, you would need an agent who is skilled at negotiating like those agents from Ballantynes.


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Ferrari 488 GTB– Best Car Design For 2016

Ferrari 488 GTB– Best Car Design For 2016

Can you imagine the difficulty of choosing the winner from among the best super cars like Ferrari, Tesla, Alfa Romeo and McLaren? Robb Report compared these super cars and chose the Ferrari 488 GTB as the “Car of the Year” 2016. In the April issue of the magazine, you will understand how Ferrari 488 was declared as the winner of the coveted prize.

Car of the year is actually a reader’s choice. The award that went to Ferrari 488 GTB was not judged by editors since the magazine solicited actual owners and drivers for the San Diego test. Choosing the best car is taken very seriously. It was difficult to determine the best after driving 13 cars with powerful engines. The 13 cars were cutting edge creations from Ferrari, Tesla, Alfa Romeo, McLaren and other famous brands that can really pit against each other for the coveted prize. Several people who participated in the day long test commented that nobody specifically wanted Ferrari to win but at the end of the day; it was the most obvious choice. It was the best car and that was all there was to it.

According to editor in chief Brett Anderson, McLaren is great for a daily driver while Lamborghini is all about muscle and raw power. However, you wouldn’t use a Lamborghini as a commuter or grocery car. The Ferrari is elegant, powerful and drives with so much balance. There were actually 3 finalists that were battling neck to neck but eventually Ferrari 488 GTB pulled ahead because of its balance and soul. Aside from choosing the best car for 2016, the event also doubles as a fund raiser. Since 2003, Robb Report was able to raise $200,000,000 for children’s charities.

Aside from being chosen as the car of the year, Ferrari 488 also won the Red Dot Best of the Best award for its design and innovative lines. This latest accolade is an acknowledgement of the sporty V8berlinetta concept of delivering an effortless mix of stylish sophistication and technological innovation. Ferrari 488 was chosen for the top award by a jury composed of 41 members that examined at least 5,214 car designs from 57 countries.

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