Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight 9525


What happened to Germanwings Flight 9525? According to reports the co-pilot of the airplane carrying 150 people purposely crashed the airplane deep into the French Alps.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa and the grave news brought the CEO of the company to a complete shock. Carsten Sophr said that what the co-pilot did with Germanwings Flight 9525 left them all speechless.

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the aircraft is a 27 year old German national. According to a prosecutor, the co-pilot apparently was targeting to annihilate the aircraft.

Investigators are still investigating if Lubitz has planned his actions for some time. What was apparent was that he took advantage and saw a perfect moment of crashing the plane when the pilot left the cockpit. It was then that he activated the descent. Such activation can only be made deliberately.

The data gathered from the transponder showed that the autopilot on Flight 9525 was intentionally reprogrammed by someone accessing the cockpit. The new data programmed the plane’s altitude from the normal 38,000 feet to an unforgiving 100 feet. This data was made public by Flightradar24, expert tracker of aviation data.

Five investigators are currently searching the apartment of Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in order to shed light on what could have been the motive of the 27 year old in bringing the plane down. The police are desperately looking for clues in his apartment. French investigators enlisted the help of the FBI in digging up clues as to why Lubitz crashed the plane.

Last Thursday, details on the crash were released and it further supported the theory that someone indeed set the plane on a crash.

Furthermore, transponder data revealed that there were horrific sounds recorded from the vessels’ cockpit. It was evident from the sound recording that the captain was locked out from the cockpit area. Several banging from the door could be heard. In the final minutes of the plane’s descent, screaming could be heard on the sound recorder. Plane crash experts said that those on board had zero chances of making it out alive when the plane crashed. Death was instant for the passengers and crew.

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Sales In Motorcycle Parts, Slow Yet Steady


Ray Smith who used to be a homebuilder more than 14 years ago, left his job and decided to start living his dream. He admitted that motorcycles have always been his passion and this is the reason why he opened his own shop, Cycle Stop. The independent business is located in South Hadley and sells everything related to motorcycles.

It was two years ago that his business undergone an expansion of another 13,000 square foot because there is no more room for his displays. He sells motorcycles that are pre-owned but with low mileage, parts, accessories and clothing. He also needed to have more space because he now has a service department.

Smith has been a witness on how small as well as large motorcycle shops and their franchises closed down within the last decade. On his part, his business is doing well and he shared his prediction of a good year for his business not just in the local market but in the entire industry.

Other dealers are also in agreement with Smith because while their growth is slow, it has remained steady over the past number of years. Majority of the dealers are expecting the trend to stay the same.

According to the sales and finance manager of Valley Motorsports which is located in Northampton, Glenn Morin, they are selling fun to customers and believed that they are on the right path. He also added that their business inventory have other things as well as such as adventure bikes, cruisers, touring bikes and sport bikes. Adventure bikes are now gaining more popularity because of its feature that is compatible in either on or off road.

He also revealed that the sales at Valley Motorsports have continued to increase by nine to ten per cent per year after the recession was over. The company’s goal for 2016 is to gain higher sales selling motorcycle parts than usual. The company is positive that they are going to achieve their target because they now have seven makes available, the economy is going back up and manufacturers are launching new as well as exciting motorcycle models.

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The Planning Aspect Of Starting A Plumbing Business

The Planning Aspect Of Starting A Plumbing Business

Starting any kind of business can be quite frustrating. But with the plumbing industry being so in demand, it opens plenty of opportunities for plumbers to start their own businesses. But if you want to successfully start a business, this means you would have to become a full-pledged plumber first and undergo the necessary apprenticeships and courses while also passing a test that would give you a license. Once you have done these things, the next step would have to be carefully planning out your business. Here you would need to secure funds and ensure that your business succeeds.

Here is a simple guide to help you with the planning aspect of starting a plumbing business.

  1. Do you want your business to have a specific focus? Plumbing businesses can vary as there are companies out there that focus on selling plumbing tools and equipment while some only offer emergency plumbers. Determine if you want your business to have a particular focus.
  2. Develop a business plan. One of the most common reasons why most businesses fail is that they don’t have a foolproof business plan. It is important that you write a foolproof business plan that is not only detailed and comprehensive but would also deal on how you could sustain your business. This would include your projects, the amount of employees you would have, the area you would be catering to and more.
  3. Get funding. How would you be able to start a business without money? Remember this, with a solid business plan, you may be able to attract or convince investors to invest in your business. You also have plenty of other options like applying for a loan or get a business partner.
  4. Register your business. Of course you would have to operate legally which is why you should register your business and acquire a license. You need to make sure that your business will follow through all the safety and security regulations. You can ask these regulations when you register your business.
  5. Get equipment. Well, you can’t operate without the necessary equipment. Make sure you have a vehicle which you would use to travel to your clients’ homes as well as a main base of operations along with hiring effective plumbers for your company.
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A Simple Guide To Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

A Simple Guide To Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Weddings are special occasions where people gather to celebrate the love and union between two lost souls who have found each other and are ready to commit to each for all eternity. If a person is lucky, he/she would only get married once or even twice but to the same person for all their lives.

This is probably the reason why people go through a lot just to achieve the perfect wedding. One important aspect of a wedding is the photography and documentation. There are people who don’t pay enough attention to the photographer they hire for the ceremony. In fact, some people would just ask their relatives to document the ceremony just to save money. But if you think documentation and photography isn’t as important as the other parts of the wedding, think about this way. After the wedding, all the decorations will be put away, the food and drinks would have been consumed, guests would have already made their way home and all that will be left is wonderful memories and the pictures that would remind you of that momentous event.

For this reason, it is important that you find a good photographer who will make sure that all the precious moments are captured. To find a good photographer, start by choosing a style of photography that you want for your wedding. You can either go with documentary, portraiture, fine art or edgy bold.

Once you’ve settled on a style, you would then have to conduct an online research on the top wedding photographers in your area or the area of the venue. Don’t forget to check out reviews and testimonials found on photographers’ websites. Once you’ve chosen on a few you think is worth hiring, it’s time to set up interviews.

During the interviews, always consider the personality of the photographer and make sure it meshes well with yours. Don’t forget to ask the photographers’ portfolios and sample of their works as well as a contact list of recent clients to get feedback from them. A good Koh Samui wedding photographer would not deny you their portfolios and client lists.

It would be best if you go for packages as you would probably be able to save more. Lastly, ask about your rights.

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What Learning A New Language Gives To TEFL Teachers

What Learning A New Language Gives To TEFL Teachers

Becoming a TEFL teacher and teaching English abroad provides numerous benefits. First of all, you get to live in a different country and experience the culture of that country. You get to meet new people, make new friends, make lasting memories and enjoy. Teaching English as a Foreign Language gives ample opportunities for travel and vacations but what’s really special about TEFL teachers is that they can definitely make a difference when they teach English to non-speakers.

One benefit of TEFL that is often forgotten is that sometimes, schools would offer free language classes to the teachers so that they’d be able to learn the local language of the area and use it for their advantage.

You might be thinking that you’re already finished with training from a reputable training provider like Pro TEFL and that you don’t need anything more to learn but when you find out what learning a new language can give you, you might change your mind.

  1. You become more patient. As you learn about the local language, you become more patient especially with your students because you are once again put into their shoes. You now know how it feels like to learn a language that is foreign to you, how frustrating it is to pronounce certain words and even struggle with grammar.
  2. You become better with grammar. Native speakers don’t really care much about grammar because they just know what works and what doesn’t when they speak or write. However, when you learn a new language, you are given a new perspective on grammar and relearning them once again from the ground up.
  3. You understand your student’s more. This is because you are given a glimpse of what it’s like to speak their language therefore you’d be able to relate when they struggle with sentence structures and why they mix up words from time to time.
  4. You start to understand their conversations. As you learn the local language, you would be able to understand what the students are saying during their own conversations in the halls, during lunch, etc.
  5. You develop newfound respect for your students. When you learn their language, you start to see the world from their perspective. You will be able to understand their culture better and their way of life. You’ll find out that they know a lot of things that you don’t and for that you’d be able to develop respect for them.
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Electric Underfloor Heating: A new Bathroom Necessity

Electric Underfloor Heating

Some people may not be aware yet of the electric underfloor heating and its wonders. Here are some things to know about this new technology inside the bathroom. Electric underfloor heating system is also referred to as dry system which produces heat on the bathroom floor with the help of a series of wires.

The system can be installed in different ways with the use of individual wires that make up what is called the cable or loose-fit system or it can be integrated in a mat, recommended for bathroom with large spaces because it will be able to cover the whole floor area. It is also ideal for rooms that have small spaces and with irregular shape like the bathroom because there are floor areas such as occupied by the bath and basins where heating is not required. If heating mats are to be used then it is important that the subfloor should be finished with materials like plywood and then it should be covered a leveling compound or a tile adhesive, both need to be flexible. For the cable or loose-fit system, after installing it should be covered with the finishing screed used on concrete floor.

There are advantages to installing an underfloor heating but one of the major benefits is that there is more free spaces on the wall because of the absence of radiators. One more benefit is an assurance that there is even heating inside the room unlike the radiators where there are presence of cold spots. The distribution method used by underfloor heating which distributes the radiant heat produced by the system is very efficient. The dust in the air is also lesser which benefits people inside the house that is suffering from allergy.

The electric underfloor heating is compatible with almost all types of cover on the floor such as vinyl, wood, natural stone, ceramic, carpet and many others just as long as the right wattage is chosen. For bathroom use, remember that the underfloor heating may be skipped on fixtures such as the bath and ceramic bathroom basins.

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