Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight 9525


What happened to Germanwings Flight 9525? According to reports the co-pilot of the airplane carrying 150 people purposely crashed the airplane deep into the French Alps.

Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa and the grave news brought the CEO of the company to a complete shock. Carsten Sophr said that what the co-pilot did with Germanwings Flight 9525 left them all speechless.

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the aircraft is a 27 year old German national. According to a prosecutor, the co-pilot apparently was targeting to annihilate the aircraft.

Investigators are still investigating if Lubitz has planned his actions for some time. What was apparent was that he took advantage and saw a perfect moment of crashing the plane when the pilot left the cockpit. It was then that he activated the descent. Such activation can only be made deliberately.

The data gathered from the transponder showed that the autopilot on Flight 9525 was intentionally reprogrammed by someone accessing the cockpit. The new data programmed the plane’s altitude from the normal 38,000 feet to an unforgiving 100 feet. This data was made public by Flightradar24, expert tracker of aviation data.

Five investigators are currently searching the apartment of Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in order to shed light on what could have been the motive of the 27 year old in bringing the plane down. The police are desperately looking for clues in his apartment. French investigators enlisted the help of the FBI in digging up clues as to why Lubitz crashed the plane.

Last Thursday, details on the crash were released and it further supported the theory that someone indeed set the plane on a crash.

Furthermore, transponder data revealed that there were horrific sounds recorded from the vessels’ cockpit. It was evident from the sound recording that the captain was locked out from the cockpit area. Several banging from the door could be heard. In the final minutes of the plane’s descent, screaming could be heard on the sound recorder. Plane crash experts said that those on board had zero chances of making it out alive when the plane crashed. Death was instant for the passengers and crew.

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Home Improvements And Saving


When it comes to investment or the financial gain, this is the mindset of the most managers of various facilities from government owned to industrial as well as commercial. Once an idea for energy efficiency or a chance to get renewable energy is passed, the first thought would be what the facility will be gaining in monetary return. Many organizations differ when it comes to the length of the time the return of investment will occur but without providing a greater benefit, it is the belief of many that an investment should be returned before the life of the project is to cease.

Many homeowners may have the desire for an energy saving option but when it comes down to limited resources, a snap decision should not be made hastily without thinking it through. It must be determined clearly if in the end, one can benefit in the long run or a return of investment is possible. When it was first introduced commercially, LED bulbs are for sale at around $90. It was a price not many homeowners would be willing to pay. After its popularity, LED bulbs can now be bought at only $10 a piece. With a much affordable price, it is worth buying?

An average calculation will prove that an LED bulb will last a long time and it might even be working once you decide to move to a new place and you can take it with you. Energy is the highest bill being paid inside the house and the number one which must be conserved anyway we can. There are many measures that can be taken such as replacing old models with a more energy efficient one. The latest may be energy efficient but they are also far more expensive compared to the price you paid for your old one when you bought it. Though it may appear to be very expensive, the payback in the end is worth it as utilities can be saved.

This is why improvement and home extensions in Perth should be done by a consultant and be inspected by a professional in order to know how the house can be developed to be more energy saving. This way, the homeowners would have to option to invest into something that will be worthwhile for a long time.

If you’re looking into a large and expensive home improvement project, it is worthwhile to have a consultant run a computer energy model of your house to evaluate the energy savings potential of different options. This is the best way to know how cost-effective your planned improvements are, weighing in other factors, such as how long you intend to keep the house and the potential effects on resale value. Remember that if you need to do a project anyway, such as replace shingles, you want to calculate the payback for energy efficiency options based on the relative cost between more efficient products or methods (e.g. more reflective roofing) and the bare minimum option (e.g. basic shingles), not the full cost of the project.

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How You Can Decorate With Tulle


People decorate in order to bring out the best of a particular item, person or even an event. Through a wide number of decorative materials, a lot of individuals can turn mediocrity into perfection. Tulle, or tulle netting, is a great example of a decorative material. This lightweight, fine netting has been popularly used in veils and gowns but little did you know that they can also be used to customize and enhance other objects as well. Tulles come in a variety of color but if needed, they can be dyed to fulfill the requirements needed by a certain individual.

Using tulle, you will be able to add softness to your décor. You may even add a little bit of romance if you mix them well with other materials. Aside from gowns, veils and tutus, you can also use tulle for the following:


It has long been established that tulle is the perfect decorative material for wedding gowns and most especially, the veil. But aside from these two, you may also use tulle in other areas of the wedding as well, particularly with the reception. You can use them to enhance walls, ceilings and even for highlighting a certain area. You can use them to provide soft illumination by having them cover the lights and lastly, tulles can also be used to beautify and give elegance to chairs.


Every girl deserves to feel like a princess and you can do this by decorating your daughter’s room with lots of tulle. You can add them to the curtains, windows and even her bed posts to form a soft tent.


Christmas and tulle go well with each other. That is why it can be a great idea to incorporate tulles into your Christmas décor. You can use them to fashion your Christmas tree by adding a 12-inch ribbon, add fullness to garlands, and you can even make pompoms out of them.


Paper Mart tulle can also be used to add beauty to regular items such as baskets, throw pillows, porch and even gazebos. It all depends upon a person’s creativity so make sure to use the best of your imagination.

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How You Can Get The Most Of Your Hotel Stay


Tel Aviv – Frequent travelers are often hounded with questions on how other people can get free travel. When it doesn’t go their way, the next thing they would ask would concern accommodations. “How do you get the best room?”“Where can you find the best deals?” But when it comes to accommodations, the question should really be: “how do you get the most of your hotel stay?”

You may have found a great hotel deal. You may get the best room but can it provide you with the best hotel experience? No, it will not. The hotel experience would be dependent on you and hotel amenities, deals, etc. are only instruments that can help get you the most of your hotel stay.

To help you out, here are some tips that you can do to get the best hotel experience.

  1. Start with what you had in mind. Remember, the experience would have to depend on your actions and decisions so it would be best that you begin with the things you want to do or have. If you really just want to lie around all day surfing the net, then you should get an accommodation that includes internet access or Wi-Fi. Also, make sure that what you want is realistic and not a fantasy that you will be unable to achieve. When you finish that, then you can focus on your budget.
  2. Check hotel websites. You might be wondering why you should check a hotel’s website before making reservations but when you think about, a hotel’s website would contain basically everything you want to know about a hotel. This would include the perks, benefits, amenities and the services that the hotel is providing. Study hotel offers and deals before you make accommodations. Make sure they have your needs and wants.
  3. Staff interaction. Once you arrive at the hotel, it is important that you build good temporary relationships with hotel staff. Once you do, you can expect them to be eager to offer their services to you.

So whenever you are in a Tel Aviv hotel, bear in mind all these tips so that you get the best of what you have paid for. Remember, it is up to you to get the most of your hotel stay.

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The Tourism Scotland 2020 Strategy


In order for a certain industry to grow and thrive and be strengthened over the years, the industry leaders have to make certain reforms and conduct special activities in order to counter complacency and other factors that will bring the industry down.

In Scotland, the tourism industry leaders lead by the Scottish Tourism Alliance are forming a Tourism Scotland 2020 strategy. Here is a glimpse of the strategies that they have cited in order to boost the tourism industry of the nation.

The first strategy that they want to put in place is to strengthen the leadership and collaboration in the tourism industry which will include as follows:

  • Enhance leadership in the businesses under the industry; as such leaders should understand the market needs and be proactive about it; deliver quality services in every aspect of the journey of the customer; promote the tourism assets of Scotland as an authentic experience for the traveler; present a convincing case to investors so that investment will flood the industry.
  • Build and strengthen the existing good practices in the industry in order to develop a strengthened network of both international and local partners; this means that industry leaders need to work hand in hand with sector organizations and share best practices among themselves; improve the overall experience of the tourist and deliver on both local and national priorities.
  • Establish the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) as the leadership organization of the tourism industry; this means that everyone in the tourism industry has to heed the directives of STA; the STA on the other hand should set convincing and strategic direction for the entire industry; it should also develop a very detailed plan of action and coordinate the delivery of different activities with the businesses involved in the industry; track progress efficiently; provide a common voice on the various key issues in the industry to the government.

With the STA in place, those in the hospitality sector are expecting a boom in the tourism industry and are in fact readying for a surge of visitors in the next few years. Self catering Aviemore is one of the hopefuls that the tourism industry in Scotland will continue with its upward momentum.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters Retailers And Trends


Every time the cold months strike, people start to look for sweaters and put in much effort in order to make it look extremely ugly. Anywhere in the US, you would see people scrambling in the bargain stores to look for an old, worn out sweater and then turn it something humorously hideous.

It also turns out that the industry of the ugly Christmas sweater is continuously booming. More and more retailers are selling these sought after sweaters in the cold season. There are even hundreds of online retailers for the said sweaters and is one of these. Having your presence online is surely an advantage to the business owners as its market reach is widened which means more customers and more profit.

Even in Canada, the fad is continuously attracting people. One outlet is expecting to sell at least 500,000 dollars worth of Christmas sweaters later this year. Meanwhile, Now That’s Ugly Society in BC is eyeing to raise $100,000 for a charitable organization by selling crazy sweaters during the holiday season.

How did the trend start? Jordan Birch, the co-founder of Now That’s Ugly Society said that at first it was an excuse of people to do something very silly. Then people got the hang of it and started to love dressing themselves using sweaters with silly designs. Until the time came when there was already so much pressure from the community and workplace to wear something ugly during the holiday season. It was then unstoppable.

Another reason why people loved wearing the ugly sweaters is that it connotes camaraderie. In different organizations, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters have become a focal point in various fundraising initiatives in order to support Children’s Wish Foundation in Canada. In most cases, the sweater has been an icon in being kind and giving back to community.

How trendy is the ugly sweater

For some fashion experts, trendy is a debatable topic for ugly Christmas sweaters. As far as the culture of hipster is concerned, the deliberate unattractiveness of a certain look is part of the hipster norm over the past 15 years. One can definitely say that ugly Christmas sweaters have become part of that culture.

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